Engineered Wood Flooring Isle of Wight

Engineered Wood Flooring across the Isle of Wight

Engineered wood flooring provides a modern alternative to traditional solid wood floors.

Unlike a solid wood floor, Engineered Wood is made up of several different layers of timber which are bonded together and finished with a smooth top layer of solid wood. Created with practicality and durability in mind, the layers of bonded timber offer increased stability and resistance properties over those of solid wood flooring.

This innovative technology makes engineered flooring an excellent option for areas where temperature and humidity changes often occur, such as your kitchen or conservatory.

Currently in the Abbott’s Flooring showroom is the BASIX Wood Flooring Collection, offering affordable engineered wood options in a range of different finishes.

Also available is the BRAND NEW Kersaint Cobb Engineered Wood ranges – Triviso, Delamere, Levana and Providence. A premium Engineered Wood option available in many different specifications.


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“After the installation of our great new flooring, we must let you know how professional and friendly the whole procedure was. Would recommend in a flash”

- D&S Whiting, St. Helens


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